Thursday, January 17, 2008

Journeys along the Mississippi

The River of Forget

Grey, cold spells on the Delta are requiems.
Fitful sleep and broken purposes,
wrapped together in one lonely dream.
And the Blues speaks it all --
Screaming hearts and pale guitars
whisper until morning, an almost devilish curse
of want and want and want.
If you could hear the insatiable songs
in these crumbling houses surrounding us,
and hear the moans at midnight
of indescribable love and fleeting dreams,
if you could hear our hearts beating
on drums not made for war,
our pulse listless until dancing,
and this desperation flowing
down the banks of the Mississippi,
down the River of Forget,
down the nightmare-grieved cheeks of children
sleeping in soft beds at midnight.

Elysian Fields, Elmwood Cemetery: Memphis, TN

White Horse: Como, MS

Old Playground: Millington, TN

Red Lamp, National Ornamental Metal Museum: Memphis, TN

Braden: Southaven, MS

Prayer II, Forrest Hill Cemetery: Memphis, TN

Lonely Waters, The Mississippi River: Memphis, TN


Grigori II, Elmwood Cemetery: Memphis, TN

Prayer, Forrest Hill Cemetery: Memphis, TN

Kudzu: Como, MS


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Photographs from the Delta

Lost, Idlewild Presbyterian: Memphis, TN

Grigori, Elmwood Cemetery: Memphis, TN

Lady Waiting, Elmwood Cemetery: Memphis, TN

Angel of Moss and Stone, Forrest Hill Cemetery: Memphis, TN

St. Louis Cathedral by Day: New Orleans, LA

St. Louis Cathedral by Night: New Orleans, LA

City Park: New Orleans

Pool at the Hi-Tone: Memphis, TN

Reclining Angel, Forrest Hill Cemetery: Memphis, TN

David, Forrest Hill Cemetery: Memphis, TN

Obelisk at the Zoo: Memphis, TN

Ghosts Guarding the Gates: New Orleans, LA